what are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community?

According to Clark and Aufderheide (2011), it is widely popular to set up platforms for sharing, remixing as well as commenting on both amateur and technical media. Based on the conversation from Jesse and Mike Russell , a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community will attract more users who are interested in the same information. Also, according to the humorous or serious commentary, people in the community can easily understand what kind of person we are and what we are doing. Russel would use his own account comment to humanize some roles that traditionally were very traditionally were very cold or stoic. At the same time, it will increase our influence and affinity in the community.

Explore how using technology can provide realtime engagement and include answers to the following. 

●  How does social media help engage in community-based communications?

●  How does social media challenge community-based communications?

On the one hand, establishing a social media community compared to in-person communication can help reduce tension. Through everyone’s PLN, we can also understand the personal style inside the community. By adding tags or creating groups, social media can easily achieve realtime engagement. Also, community-based communications using social media will save the costs of renting a physical activity room and time that everyone arrive there.  I knwo a social media called QQ building a anonymous speaking mechanism that you don’t know who post what words within a group. It sometimes help people publish their real thoughts. However anonymous speaking also lead to aggressive expressions and waste of time. We have to admit that social media community communications  is not as efficient as in person communications. Communication is not only about 他the language communications,  but also everyone’s action and expressions’ communication, which are limited by social media. Another challenge is privacy. Even in a private group or using a unique tag, it is still possible to be revealed. Therefore, I would not recommend discussing company secrets or personal privacy in social media.

Within community engagement, are their extended rules from the employer that you should consider?

we must consider cultural sensitivity in PLN, not only for career development but also for the maintenance of the social media platform. Users all over the world are browsing this platform. In my opinion, the establishment of PLN is more to use community resources to learn and sharing learning resources to help others in the network learn, not for meeting someone or company on purpose, as Angie Kermer said. Meanwhile, we have  maintain a humble attitude inside the community when sharing and absorbing. Personal style is acceptable and attractive like humor, but it should be comfortable for the whole community, and should not be excessive. First of all, I think personal beliefs and professional expectations must be related, and the two will not completely contradict each other. It is difficult for a peace-loving person to choose a company that makes weapons. Therefore, I feel that when we organize a PLN, we need to express more personal beliefs that meet professional expectations. For example, if I want to become an HR manager in the future, then I might express some beliefs about the importance of interpersonal relationships. When we are recognized by the community, we can pass on some professional knowledge to public based on career. Compared with official accounts, PLN can be more friendly to comment and reply.


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