Infinite Dial 20 created by Edison Research in 2020 pointed out that 75% of the U.S. population is familiar with the word “podcasting”. (Ross, 2020) Also, according to a study by Pew Research, “the median length of the most popular YouTube video is 2 minutes and 1 second, while the median length of the most-viewed TV news report is even shorter: 41 seconds.” (Douglas, 2018) . This kind of time length is unable to conduct in-depth discussions on complex issues, and the media is flooded with various eye-catching titles. Podcasting may break this practice. A large number of people who think news reports are superficial will be more inclined to podcast programs that delve into the topic. And podcasting has also become a media channel that can make a difference in the subdivided and deep fields.

I want to create an interview podcast that I can talk with business celebrities in BC or even in Canada. One of my favorite podcasts in this space is “The Tim Ferriss Show” (Apple Podcasts). The host is Tim Ferriss who is the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”. This is the first commercial/interview type of podcast on the Apple Podcast. It has over 400 million downloads and is very popular. Guests who participated in this show include NBA star Lebron James, Bridgewater Foundation founder Ray Dalio, Silicon Valley elder Peter Thiel and other celebrities. Considering from both his and Mo Amir @Vancolor’s successful experience, the subject of the podcast must be of interest to ourselves. You cannot attract listeners with content that you are not interested in. Besides, as a podcast, it must have its own characteristics and at the same time be inclusive. It could be funny, be sharp, or be serious. Social media will help establish podcast’s style. For example, we can post the core views of each episode of podcast on Twitter spreading among the Twitter communities, and finally form a community of your own podcast channel involving listeners and their comments.

Before building a podcast, we can also develop PLN to improve our reputation, such as improving the LinkedIn profile to gain trust of invited guests. Also, on other social platforms like Twitter, I will post some professional-related ideas. Those users who follow me or agree my thoughts will be potential audience in the future.  Facebook is another useful platform to build healthy relationship because the people around us have a wealth of information (Woods, 2013) and unimaginable relationships. When I saw the photo posted by one of my friends on Facebook, I realized that the mayor of Richmond is his neighbor.

At last, privacy is one of the most important concerns when attracting audiences from social platforms. What we need to remember is that the host is sharing stories and opinions instead of sharing their privacy. It’s better to create an official account about the podcast to publish the topic of each episode and participate in online discussions. Meanwhile, the host should pay attention to own speech on his/her private account as the audience is likely to search and follow. And once individuals who become influential in a social space, all his information will be scooped, from primary school grades to social relationships. All his words and actions will be amplified and over-interpreted. What they can do is to stay away from social networks appropriately such as Selena Gomez and Sarah Koenig (Podcast Serial’s producer).


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